Friday, September 7, 2012

The Impossibility/Possibility of Denying Myself

In the class presented by Fr. Doug on stewardship, we were reminded to deny ourselves. Two words haunted me: deny myself. What does that really entail? I have heard it often, but I had never pondered over it. I decided to look up the word “deny.” One definition under “deny” is: “(deny oneself) refrain from satisfying oneself.”

A little voice went off in my head, “No! Don’t agree to that!” Then came another voice, stronger, “What is right? What does God want?” Immediately, I realized the impossibility/possibility of denying myself. I realized that denying myself was an impossibility because it is ingrained in me to desire to satisfy myself. I also realize that all things are possible in Christ, Who strengthens me. Hence, it is time for prayer. Lord, this is impossible for me; but, by Your grace, I can progress towards accomplishing it. I also realized, “Is that not also one of the purposes of the Eucharist?”

Jesus continuously denied Himself. In the Eucharist, we eat Jesus Christ, body, blood, soul, and divinity, becoming what we eat. What did Jesus ever do for Himself? He did all for the Father and for us.  --TT